The future of Volleyball

Our role

The European Volleyball Confederation (CEV) is the institution responsible for governing 56 National Federations throughout Europe and is recognised as such by the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

Our ultimate goal is to promote Volleyball, Beach Volleyball and Snow Volleyball and to raise the status of our sport to a higher level. Whether the game is played indoors, on sand or on snow, Volleyball connects and brings people together – from children playing in their free time up to professional, elite athletes.

We cultivate a strong sense of togetherness with all stakeholders, the Member National Federations, their national leagues, clubs, players, organisers and other partners of European Volleyball, from grassroots level to the top events.

The CEV has established a strong bond with all its partners and European Volleyball is widely recognised as a leading sports confederation among different sports and across the continents.

Our major stars stand for passion, fairness, personality and great physical skills and we are aiming to promote them as such and use them with their outstanding positive attitude as the true ambassadors of European Volleyball.

Hero Earvin NGAPETH

It's time for change


Our brand

The new CEV "Volleymark" is inspired by the country flags of the 56 nations that we represent.

We first took all 56 flags and keylined them to create simple shapes to work with.

Once keylined, we used the flags as direct inspiration. The angles in the design directly references the angles used in the country flags. The final pattern design is contained within the circular shape representing the ball and is inspired by the idea of all 56 nations coming together through volleyball.

Our logo is a bold, modern symbol of courage, leadership, ambition, integrity, completeness and strong collaboration. The modern approach means the symbol can adapt in various ways, bringing a huge amount of flexibility to the brand.

The diagram below shows the complete Hierarchy of CEV brands, events and competitions. Brands, events and competitions are divided into the following sections:

  1. Indoor Volleyball National Team Competitions

  2. Indoor Volleyball Club Competitions

  3. Beach Volleyball

  4. Snow Volleyball

  5. Other Events

Look out for more to come on the new brand as we continue our shift over the coming months.


New Brand designed by:

  • Setanta Sports Padded
  • Logo Berlin Sport Padded
  • Logo APA Padded