4 Blockers

While the four best teams in Europe prepare to fight for the most coveted crown in continental Volleyball in a special city, an unprecedented action helps promote the eagerly anticipated event.

‘4Blockers’ is the name of the campaign launched by CEV to draw further attention to the Champions League Super Finals.

The aim of the campaign is to portray the sport of Volleyball and its star players like never before. The similarity of ‘4Blockers’ to the title of the successful German TV series ‘4Blocks’ is not accidental. The series and campaign convey an image of Berlin as the city is in real life: as a melting pot of cultures, urban, rough, colourful and multi-cultural. And like the actors who fight for supremacy on the streets of Berlin in the TV series, the four best middle blockers of the CEV Champions League have only one goal: to win with their teams!

Like the many different nationalities living in Berlin, the selection of the faces chosen for the ‘4Blockers’ campaign expresses the internationality and diversity of the sport. Cristina Chirichella (Igor Gorgonzola NOVARA), Robin de Kruijf (Imoco Volley CONEGLIANO), Robertlandy Simon Aties (Cucine Lube CIVITANOVA) and Artem Volvich (Zenit KAZAN) - i.e. an Italian, a Dutchwoman, a Cuban and a Russian – feature on the visual.

The four players look self-confidently and determinedly into the camera. Their outfits, the attitude and the composition of the four Volleyball players convey a clear message: there is no way around us! Four insurmountable middle blockers – or 4Blockers.

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